Meet the Teacher

Teaching is my passion, my calling, and my world.  I see possibilities – I look for the light bulb moments – I believe that teachers should be innovators - I am excited about using technology I am passionate about igniting a love of learning in this generation.

Teachers inspire me!  I love, love, love hearing about their successes, as well as failures; it's actually what made me brave enough to start this blogging adventure.

Attending workshops and seminars, reading blogs, scouring the internet, but most importantly have one-on-one conversations with fellow educators is how I find the many strategies, techniques, as well as technology applications that I hope will inspire my students to be actively engaged and take ownership of their learning.  This year I implemented A LOT of the awesome ideas in Learn Like a Pirate by Paul Solarz: student-led classroom, responsiblitliy partners, daily recaps, Give Me 5, and so much more!  Technology is a HUGE part of my instruction, using iPads for research, videos, Glogster, as well as tons of GAFE, such as Google Drive (students typed almost all of their assignments, peer edited, made Word Clouds, Google Drawing, Slides, and of the list does go on), and Google Classroom. I'm planning on using more flipped lessons this year, as well as have my students reflect on their learning with a video-app.  

I'll be sharing all about my adventures and misadventures as this new year brings exciting change.  I'm not afraid of trying new things because it's how we learn and it's exactly what I want my students to do!

I am the founder and lead teacher of an academic summer camp, Back 2 School Boot Camp, designed to help students gain an academic boast in the areas of reading, writing, and math, using hands-on projects and smart devices (laptop, iPad, tablets).

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