Tuesday, June 21, 2016

On Fire for Doodling

I am ON FIRE for all the connections that are happening in my brain.  One after another idea is igniting the flame to burst into a full on fire of imagination and possibilities.  

Growth Mindset
Design Thinking 
Student-led classroom
Collaborative Conversations
Now, I'm to doodle my lessons
and I can't draw a stick figure to save my life?????

All of this year's PD is colliding into a MEGA-Moment of WOW!
My pedagogy of teaching continues to be rocked and that is a good thing!

Let me explain.  Earlier today I left a very creative professional development training through Opportunity Schools (opp4kids.org) in which the speaker, Jon Pearson (jonpearsoncreative.com), inspired me to use drawing in every subject.  You must understand.  My stick figures are challenging for even me to decipher.  
However, Jon STRONGLY believes that these so called limitation are actually assets.  Say, what? 

According to Jon, my lack of skill will encourage my students to try because seriously, the bar won't be high for them to reach.  I am giving them permission to "fail" publicly but in a safe place, my classroom.  I've already been practicing this failure idea with gusto this year by daring to be brave in so many areas of my teaching that after my initial first flutter of discomfort, I went for it. So drawing is now going to be a part of my teaching tool kit.  

Jon believes that teachers AND students should draw often, happily, and playfully because.....

The better you can see it, 
the better you can say it, 
the better you can write it, 
the better you can read it.

STOP, go back and read that again.  

If your students can see a picture of what they are learning in their head, they have probably connected with it emotionally in some way, which means there is a much greater chance that they are going to not only be able to recall the information, but on a deeper level make connections, and that is one of my main goals in education.  Making learning personal and contagious!

More on the connections to come!