Sunday, August 9, 2015

Imperfect Educators Inspire Me

Three books, three authors, all shared that not everything they do goes perfectly as planned.

Their sometimes imperfect implementation of a daring teaching strategy has inspired me to become a daring, adventurous, perhaps even radical teacher.

My educational philosophy has undergone a paradigm-shift of epic proportions and this couldn't excite me more!

It has been these educators' willingness to try and then share with others, even the global community (oh, Twitter, thou art a powerful force!) that has emboldened me.

I now dare to believe that "when in doubt, take action" @Burgessdave at  It is much better to DARE GREATLY and risk potential failure, then to do nothing and remain stagnant. How awesome it will be for my students to have a teacher willing to try and learn, modeling that failure is simply a First Attempt At Learning!  Yes, my Periscope Misadventures will be shared!

My students are able, they are ready, I just need to DARE to go where I've never gone before in my teaching, equipping them with life-skills to lead within the safety of our classroom community. Thank you, @PaulSolarz for generously sharing via Learn Like a Pirate and on Twitter what a 21st century classroom looks like in action.

Finally, a huge shout-out to Angela Watson for helping me to recover my enthusiasm and passion for the teaching profession. I never lost my joy in teaching, but had become discouraged in the last few years.  Angela helped me to reflect deeply about my practices and find much needed balance.
All have let me know that "it isn't going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it." @Angela Watson of The Cornerstone for Teachers


  1. Thank you, Melissa!! I am also inspired by Paul and Angela. I love it when educators are honest about their struggles and give an authentic view into their work without sugarcoating it all. I really appreciate your post!

  2. Ahoy, Dave! I just finished your book and was so incredibly inspired, especially by the chapter, Where Do I Start?, because of its emphasis on action. Thank you for being an authentic educator and inspiring author/Tweeter!