Friday, July 17, 2015

Creating JOY with Pass the Bulldog

Our school's mascot, the Bulldogs
Create JOY opportunities!  

One of my teacher goals this coming school year is to promote a positive school culture within our staff inspired by Angela Watson's book Unshakeable.  Who does not like GOOD surprises?

How to implement this in your classroom:
1.  Find something that is related to your school or just will bring JOY upon sight.

2. Write a 1-2 sentence note of encouragement, such as, "Hope your day is doggone good!" Or it can be specific to the individual, such as, "Nicole, the way you connect with your students is just so inspiring!"  The point is just to encourage.

3. Find a place to hide it - you decide how stealthy you want to be - put it on their lesson cart or in their classroom library.  Trust me, the students will be over the moon to let the teacher know about something new in the room.

4.  Smile, because you just brought someone joy!

5.  Now, it's that teacher's turn to Pass the Bull Dog or whatever you decide to call this joy-giver.  Nope, it doesn't matter if the same teacher gets it twice, you have 35 weeks to pass this cutie around.

This idea was inspired by my reading of Unshakeable by Angela Waston.  Totally took another teacher's idea who shared about a similar idea online and tweaked it - don't we all do this!

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