Monday, July 13, 2015

Back 2 School Boot Camp - 2015

This ACADEMIC summer camp is designed to help incoming 4th, 5th, and 6th graders dust off their brain cells while having phenomenal fun!

Small class size = lots of individual attention.

Back 2 School Boot Camp will give your student an academic boost in the areas of reading, writing,
and math, using lots of active engagement and tons of positive reinforcements.
DATES : August 17 – 21

Times:   9 am – 12 noon       Session 1
                12:30 – 3 pm           Session 2
                (extended day care is available)

Cost:       $125 + $25 nonrefundable
                registration fee for Session 1
                $175 + $25 nonrefundable
                registration fee for Session 1 & 2
                Extended daycare is available for
                a fee of $10 per hour

Location:  Contact Mrs. McCutcheon for location in Cypress

Students will need to bring their own lunch/snack AND one of the following: an iPad, computer tablet, laptop, or smart phone.

To register, email   

Session 1
Dynamite Math
*Cooking with Fractions
*Sweet Math (lessons involve candy)
*Measurement Madness
*Fast Facts Review

Wow Writing
*Inspiration Destination Writing Excursions - daily writing walks that will inspire students to write
*Tackling those Tricky Topic Sentences
*Perfect Paragraphs

Session 2
Rockin' Reading
*Reading for a purpose using online resources
*Citing Text Evidence
*Comprehension Review

Home Run Homework
*Setting up your study area
*Study Skills
*Test Prep
*Taking Notes

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