Friday, June 26, 2015

Who or what inspired you this year?

Blogging and putting on a Back 2 School Boot Camp this summer was inspired in large part by a fabulous long-time teacher and friend, Jennifer Richmond.

These ideas had been percolating for quite some time.  Have you found this to be true in your life?

Another person who has inspired me for quite some time is Rick Morris.  I've heard him speak, have his books, used many of his ideas, and frequented his website, and yet find that I sometimes need to hear or let an idea sit on the back burner before I try it out. This coming year, I'm planning on using ideas from his chapter "The Top Ten Things I said" from his book Eight Great Ideas, especially the phrase "thanks" when collecting multiple responses.

Other times, I'll see an idea on Facebook, Pinterest, or blog and try it out the very next day.  Runde's Room at, Angela Watson of, and Mrs. Wilson of are just a few teachers who regularly inspire me.

Comment below about who inspires you.

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